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Craig’s Corner: Play-In Prediction Time!

Photo courtesy of the Columbus Blue Jackets

Craig’s Corner: Play-In Prediction Time!

It’s here. It’s finally here. Playoff hockey is here after what felt like thirteen years and it’s tough to stay calm.

Did you see the Oilers vs. Flames exhibition game? Now that was fun hockey to watch. Also, when was the last time you heard an exhibition game was fun hockey to watch? Maybe we’re just desperate?

With that being said, on to the predictions. Because I know you are all dying to hear this expert’s opinion on what will develop this postseason. Hey, maybe I’ll get lucky.

Penguins vs. Canadiens

Not a huge rivalry here, but should be fun to watch. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin vs. the best goalie in the world has the makings of a great series. But I don’t think this will be that close. Penguins in 4.

Hurricanes vs. Rangers

The Rangers have a Hart finalist and one of the best goalies in his prime. The Hurricanes are coming off a great Cup run last year and their young talent is ready to shine. Hurricanes in 5.

Islanders vs. Panthers

I don’t plan on watching any of this series. Oops, did I say that out loud. I think Florida will have the advantage of playing in front of an empty rink though, right? Haha…ha…ha… Islanders in 4.

Leafs vs. Blue Jackets

The Leafs have some unbelievable talent up front and a lot of people are talking about them making a run. I also think they are the most overrated team in the playoffs… John Tortorella has the Jackets playing well and they will put up a fight. Leafs in 4.

Oilers vs. Blackhawks

How the tides have turned with the Oilers being the favourite in this series. The Hawks have great depth and solid defence and will be tough to beat. The Oilers have Connor McDavid and… Oh. Okay. Oilers in 3.

Predators vs. Coyotes

Should I bring back the empty arena joke for the Coyotes, too? Or use their GM quitting on them as the joke? Too many jokes to choose from here. Preds in 4.

Canucks vs. Wild

The Wild don’t have a game-breaker and the Canucks look like a solid team. For that reason only, Canucks in 4.

Flames vs. Jets

This may be the best series out of them all. The Flames are strong, but I’ll take goaltending all day. Jets in 4.

The fun starts on Saturday. Happy Hockey Long… oops I mean August Long Weekend.

Craig Neufeld is a passionate hockey writer and fan and has dedicated much of his life to playing and working within the sports world. From rural Manitoba, when Craig is not working, he enjoys playing hockey and curling in winter, as well as being on the golf course or baseball diamond in summer.

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