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Blake Wheeler: “I Hope Joe Biden Doesn’t Forget Who Voted Him In”

Photo by Bahia Taylor

Blake Wheeler: “I Hope Joe Biden Doesn’t Forget Who Voted Him In”

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, the United States of America experienced a great shift in leadership, as the major media outlets within the country – including The Associated Press, CNN and FOX News – announced the projected results of the 2020 presidential election. In tabulating millions of votes across all 50 states, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris of the Democratic Party have been named as President Elect and Vice President Elect of the United States.

Biden, 77, served as Vice President under Barack Obama from 2009-17, and will be sworn into office as the 46th President of the United States in January of 2021. He is second non-incumbent Vice President to become the United States’ President Elect, and the first since Richard Nixon (1968). Following the results in the state of Pennsylvania, Biden and the Democratic ticket passed the 270 Electoral College votes required to declare presidency, in this his third attempt running.

Entering as the oldest US President, Biden received many messages of support, praise and welcome from around the world, but also was the recipient of strong words of advice from Winnipeg Jets captain Blake Wheeler. The 34-year-old has made a reputation for himself as more than just a hockey player but a well-versed, educated and opinionated political figure.

Following the announcement from the major media outlets, Wheeler posted the following onto his Twitter page:

“I hope Joe Biden doesn’t forget who voted him into the White House.

I also hope he can speak for the Americans that didn’t vote for him. I hope we can start celebrating the good in each other and stop fighting about our differences.

My daughter gets to see a woman as Vice President of the USA.

For the first time in a while, I’m hopeful.”


We at Game On Magazine also look forward to seeing positive change in the United States following the 2020 Presidential Election.

Carter Brooks - Associate Editor of Game On Magazine - is a news writer and sports columnist situated in Winnipeg, MB. On top of reading and writing, his favourite pastimes include camping, car-modification projects and coaching hockey. Carter can be reached at

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