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Evander Kane Fires Back After Gun-Wielding Video Surfaces

Image courtesy of Anna Kane

Evander Kane Fires Back After Gun-Wielding Video Surfaces

On Wednesday evening, a disturbing video surfaced on social media depicting Evander Kane leaving what appears to be his residence, walking through through garage and to his vehicle all while holding a pistol.

Kane displays a certain swagger to his walk, waves the pistol around, points the gun skyward, aims back at the door he came from, before cocking the weapon and aiming it outside the garage as he disappears out of frame.

The exact date and time of the video cannot be determined, but it clearly served as an attempt to impact the court’s ruling in his custody battle with his now ex-wife Anna Kane. Although added text to the video claims the weapon was loaded, there is no way of actually knowing the gun’s potential firepower or its origin.

Shortly after the video went public, Kane and his representatives with Hoover-Krepelka Family Law Attorneys and agent Dan Milstein posted an update to which was titled ‘Evander Kane’s Professional Photo Shoot From 2020′.

The document suggests that Anna Kane did not receive the ruling she wanted to hear in the custody court battle and once again resorted to using social media to cast a false image of Kane to the public.

“Earlier today, Evander and Deanna Kane appeared in Court on emergency custody issues stemming in part from Ms. Kane’s months-long falsification of a pregnancy, physically and with written and oral lies to Evander, the Court, and the public at large,” the statement read. “The concern in Court was and is Ms. Kane’s mental stability, potential untreated mental health issues, and the effects of same on the parties’ young daughter. The Court today made appropriate orders to protect Kensington, confirming sole custody of Kensington to Evander, and permitting Ms. Kane professionally supervised visits pending her undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.”

“Ms. Kane’s response was to immediately violate, several times over, earlier Court orders prohibiting social media posts about the other party, and resuming her prior tactic to defame Evander in the public eye,” the statement continued. “She posted videos, taken intentionally out of context, from a professional photo shoot both parties participated in back in 2020. Her conduct, unfortunately, is consistent with her prior actions throughout this case. Each time, we hope it will be the last. Each time, we strive to keep the peace and put the best foot forward. Each time, Evander is exonerated and Ms. Kane’s allegations are unsubstantiated. Evander continues to hope Ms. Kane gets the help she needs, and requests privacy for everyone involved.”

Moments after the online posting, Kane responded with a tweet of his own:

Currently operating on restraining orders from one another, Kane was earlier accused of sexual assault and domestic violence by his estranged wife, Anna this past September.

Kane says Anna has been lying to him about her pregnancy – or lack there of – since July. Still believing that she was to deliver baby No. 2 in February, Kane recently found out through medical bills that she had undergone an abortion this past summer.

He claims she had continued to talk about the baby, faking a large stomach and wearing a ‘pregnancy belly’ to deceive him.

Anna responded to the social media post that Kane’s lawyer put online with a series of Instagram stories and a post depicting her personal struggle in the custody battle, as well as her side of the story in regard to heavy court orders. 

However this ends up playing out, it will not be done quietly. With both parties hoping to ‘one-up’ the other, this saga is far from over.

Carter Brooks - Associate Editor of Game On Magazine - is a news writer and sports columnist situated in Winnipeg, MB. On top of reading and writing, his favourite pastimes include camping, car-modification projects and coaching hockey. Carter can be reached at or on Twitter at @GameOnHockey.

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