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A Family’s Worst Nightmare: Marleaus Narrowly Escape Kidnapping

Photos courtesy of Jose Fajardo and Christina Marleau

A Family’s Worst Nightmare: Marleaus Narrowly Escape Kidnapping

For Patrick and Christina Marleau, a simple holiday hotel getaway nearly turned into a family’s worst nightmare. On Tuesday evening, the National Hockey League’s all-time games played leader and his wife stood by helplessly as a stranger attempted to kidnap the couple’s second-eldest son.

The incident occurred when 12-year-old Brody left the family’s guest room to retrieve a forgotten pair of sunglasses down at the hotel pool. According to mother Christina, he was approached, coerced and followed by a suspicious couple before a ‘good Samaritan’ stepped intervened.

“I need to thank the Headlam family from Louisiana, the mom Jessica and dad saved Brody from a couple who was following him,” Christina Marleau posted on Twitter. “A woman started to follow him around, asking him questions, getting closer and closer. She was soon reaching out for him, trying to get him to go with her and her partner. Another family saw this happening and saved him. I owe them a thank you I can not even describe.”

A mother to four boys, Christina wrote that although security had pulled the accused aside, further information on punishment and charges had not yet been made public. She did, however, maintain that she and Patrick, as well as brothers Landon, Jagger and Caleb were very happy to have their brother Brody back, unharmed.

“When Brody called, we rushed down to him,” she wrote after the Headlam family had the couple’s son in their care. “When I saw the woman who tried to grab him at the bar, I let her know that cops had been called, hotel security was watching her and she needs to leave. Meanwhile, Mrs Headlam, unbeknownst to me, was already grabbing security as well.”

Although Christina and Patrick were unable to sleep following the terrifying events of Tuesday night, she wrote that her boys handled the situation perfectly, and fell sound asleep shortly thereafter.

The Marleau family did face some backlash on social media on Wednesday, with various commenters asking the reasoning behind the sharing of the highly personal and troubling experience. Marleau’s views were that of abduction awareness and thankfulness:

But before signing off, Christina made sure to unleash a slight against the couple that attempted the unsuccessful kidnapping.

“For the scum of the earth that think they can pray on children…there is a special place in hell for you,” she wrote. “And there are good people who will stop you.”

Carter Brooks - Associate Editor of Game On Magazine - is a news writer and sports columnist situated in Winnipeg, MB. On top of reading and writing, his favourite pastimes include camping, car-modification projects and coaching hockey. Carter can be reached at or on Twitter at @GameOnHockey.

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