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Chris Pronger Reflects on Commotio Cordis Following Damar Hamlin Incident

Photo by David E. Klutho/Sports Illustrated

Chris Pronger Reflects on Commotio Cordis Following Damar Hamlin Incident

Former NHL star defenceman Chris Pronger recently opened up following the events in Cincinnati between the host Bengals and the visiting Buffalo Bills. This was in relation to defensive back Damar Hamlin and the extremely scary situation that unfolded on the field when his heart stopped mid-game.

Pronger, who experienced a very similar event on the ice details his experience as well as his response to what happened in Cincinnati below:


“As I reflect back on the past week and potential tragedy averted, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation. The greater sports community and humanity in general stepped up big time in this moment of crisis!

I could not be more proud of Damar Hamlin, his teammates, the Buffalo Bills and the entire NFL community as a whole. They provided a tremendous amount of support and hope during a life threatening situation.

It was an incredible sight to see photos and then hear of Damar FaceTiming into the Bills post game celebration yesterday. Moments like that will be emblazoned in his teammates minds as they continue to strive for excellence.

The unsung heroes, the trainers and medical staff, did an outstanding job in providing Damar with immediate life saving treatment he desperately needed.

They are usually not noticed until they are needed and this incident provides us with a better understanding of how vitally important they really are to us. 25 years ago I had a similar situation happen to me. While times have changed, humanity has not!

We rally around people and their families who need our strength and prayers. Whether they are teammates, foes or fans! We are all human beings first and foremost trying to do good in life.

I am proud to be a former athlete, now fan and more importantly forever linked with Damar Hamlin!! Stay strong and keep pushing forward my friend. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.”

Carter Brooks - Associate Editor of Game On Magazine - is a news writer and sports columnist situated in Winnipeg, MB. On top of reading and writing, his favourite pastimes include camping, car-modification projects and coaching hockey. Carter can be reached at or on Twitter at @GameOnHockey.

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