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2-Page Spread

The Centre Spread in Supply Chain Canada is considered one of the most strategic positions known for its highly-visible location in the publication. One of the key benefits to centre spread advertising is our magazine format which is bound in a way that makes the centre spread easy to open directly to. A 2-Page Spread advertisement in the centre of the magazine offers ample ad real estate to properly showcase why your business is a leader and why your solutions work.

Dimensions: 2″ x 9.25”

Per Issue Rate: $2,649.50 x 30% Discount = $1,850

Your Annual Campaign Rate: $11,100 (6 Issues)

Total Annual Campaign Savings: $4,797

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I Want 20,000 Impressions

Total Campaign Cost: $300
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Total Campaign Cost: $2,500
based on $10/CPL

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Total Campaign Cost: $900
based on $300/article

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Each issue, Supply Chain Canada features an array of leading companies with key solutions to the supply chain sector across Canada.

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Supply Chain Canada is Canada’s largest association for supply chain professionals. We represent more than 7,500 professional members as well as the wider profession working in roles that cover sourcing, procurement, logistics, inventory and contract management. Supply Chain Canada sets the standards for excellence and ethics, and is the principal source of professional development and accreditation in supply chain management in Canada.

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